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Be Fertile – A campaign to spread awareness on Infertility in association with Dainik Bhaskar

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Nova IVF Fertility joins hands with Dainik Bhaskar group on “Be Fertile – Baat Kernay Say Baat Baneygi” a campaign spreading awareness on infertility. The desire for parenthood is inevitable and almost universal. Infertility or the inability to have children affects both men and women of reproductive age in all parts of the world. In India, 27-30 million couples suffer from infertility.
Infertility has multiple cases and consequences depending on the gender, sexual and medical history, lifestyle, and society and cultural background of the people it affects. Childless men and women are often stigmatised and are likely to be discriminated against. Infertility has been neglected both as a health problem and as a subject for medical and social science research, as in the past few decades greater amount of emphasis is placed on controlling unwanted fertility. As a result, very little conversation happens on this important subject.
That is why, Nova IVF Fertility and Dainik Bhaskar encourage people to come forward and speak about this disease that affects the lives of millions of Indians. Join us in extending the support to those in need.

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