news -
Nitika Varun Jain

Well experienced and friendly staff. Our dream of having a baby came true with Dr Kalyani ma’am and her team. She identified the problem and… read more

news -
Soumya. R

Our experience with Dr Rubina Pandit ma’am have been very good. She gave complete time to patients and listen to our concerns very comfortably.… read more

news -
Ranjita Parande

Well, I would say it was a wonderful experience with Nova especially with Dr Aviva Pinto. All the staff members in Nova are really helpful and… read more

news -
Mrs. Shobha

Thank you Nova IVF fertility. Your reassurance and confidence brought us joy. This is to express our happiness and thankfulness to the doctors,… read more

news -
Mrs. Nirupama

When I started my treatment I was very much scared about how it is going to be, but later I realized that you guys are amazing. The way that you… read more

news -
Mrs. Khan

My experience is very good from the beginning to the completion of the treatment. All sisters and doctors are very good, they always take care of… read more

news -
Mrs. Preethi

I had been to many famous fertility clinics in town, but I was very disappointed with the doctors. They never saw me except the first day &… read more

news -
P. S.

When we done our IVF treatment for the first time, the result was positive but after five months it gets miscarriage. Then we have done IVF… read more

news -
Ms. Kavita Mali

From last 10 years I had consulted with so many doctors but I never got the result. In other hospital whatever the report are they proceed for… read more

news -
Ms. KR

It's been very nice experience with Nova IVF. Doctor had gave all details about procedure and made it easy to understand also they cure their… read more

news -
Mrs. Phonsiri

Our experience in other hospitals has been very bad, but in NOVA IVF we had a very good experience. Everyone here is open minded &… read more

news -
Mrs. Rajshri Kattimani

Our Nova experience was beautiful. My dream of motherhood has finally become a reality after 10 years of marriage. Everyone- Doctor and team cared… read more

news -
Sudhansu Sekhar

Really amazing experience with the doctor's and staff of this Nova IVF centre. All staff of this IVF centre are very helpful towards their pt and… read more

news -
Monika Jindal

When we visited Nova clinic, our case was taken up by Dr. Aswati Nair. She is an extremely supportive, friendly and understanding doctor and… read more

news -
Satish Kumar

I came here with the hope and had a very strong and healthy conversation with Dr Reena and I must say she is the best Doctor for this procedure… read more

news -
Nurooz Orooz

After my first child , I had two ectopic pregnancies and both my tubes were removed. Dr Reena Gupta's name was suggested to me by one of my… read more

news -
Tazeen Bano

I was trying to conceive since last 6 years. I had multiple IUI and IVF failures at different centres of Delhi. I had become hopeless and… read more

news -
Tara Chand

I had a treatment in NOVA with Dr. Reena. She is God for us bcoz I was trying to conceive from last 17yrs and finally I got a good news. Thanks to… read more

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