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What Are The Common Symptoms Of Infertility?


Infertility Indicators In Men And Women

Not getting pregnant despite trying is by definition the symptom of infertility. However infertility can also manifest itself in other ways. Whatever the symptoms associated with infertility, it can be the result of many different conditions. Here are the main indicators of possible infertility:

Associated Symptoms Of Infertility In Women:

1. Menstrual indicators: A woman’s menstrual cycle is a direct indicator of her ovulation. If her periods are abnormal with unusually heavy or light bleeding, or irregular with the number of days between periods varying each month, then there is a chance that a fertility-related disorder is present. Also, missed periods or periods that create a lot of pain and cramps are also possible symptoms of infertility in females. 
2. Hormonal indicators: An irregularity in hormone production can also lead to infertility in women. The infertility symptoms in this case include visible changes on skin surface, such as the appearance of acne, or unusual hair growth on the upper lips, chin and chest which can be analyzed by infertility treatment. Weight gain or thinning of hair on scalp are other warning signs, as are depression and reduced libido. 
3. Pain during intercourse: Pain during sex is also an indicator of the possible presence of abnormalities such as infections, endometriosis, non-cancerous tumors in the uterus or even diseases like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (that causes damage to various parts of the female reproductive system), which is a major cause of infertility in women. 
4. Abnormal discharge from nipples: The nipples might release an unusual milky discharge in some cases. This is another symptom of possible infertility.

Associated Symptoms Of Infertility In Men

1. Hormonal indicators: Imbalances in hormone production can lead to infertility and may be associated with other symptoms such as reduced hair growth, lowered libido and even abnormal growth of the breasts. 
2. Ejaculatory problems: Men with infertility may show ejaculatory disorders such as erectile dysfunction, where they are unable to sustain an erection during sexual activity. Also, very small quantities of fluid may be ejected, if at all. 
3. Abnormalities in testicular area: Any pain, swelling or lump in the testicles may be pointers of infertility. Testes that are small and firm may also be symptoms of infertility in male.

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