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Delhi-NCR has emerged as a medical tourism hub across India and overseas. The region offers a range of specialised medical treatments and services. Delhi-NCR features state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and cost-effective solutions, attracting patients from around the world seeking quality medical care.

The Nova IVF Fertility clinic located in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, is an urban residential-cum-commercial locality. With a focus on providing comprehensive fertility solutions, the centre offers advanced reproductive technologies, and a highly experienced team of fertility specialists. Established almost a decade ago, the Nova IVF Fertility Rajouri Garden centre is dedicated to assisting couples and individuals in fulfilling their dream of parenthood through personalised and compassionate care.

Services Offered

Nova IVF Fertility has established five facilities across Delhi-NCR, which includes one centre located in Rajouri Garden. The centre provides advanced infertility treatments and assisted reproductive technologies. Staffed with experienced fertility specialists, embryologists, and support personnel, Nova IVF Fertility offers personalised fertility care to individuals and couples.

  Infertility Assessment Female 
This advanced test helps identify possible causes of female infertility. The evaluation is aimed at guiding us to create specific strategies to help optimise your conception chances.
  Semen Analysis 
With the help of specialised techniques, our semen analysis evaluates the semen quality and provides valuable insights into male fertility potential. This precise evaluation aids in determining appropriate solutions to improve your chances of successful conception.
  In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) 
The procedure entails retrieving eggs and combining them with sperm in a lab. The resulting embryos are then implanted in your uterus, increasing pregnancy chances in couples with reproductive issues.
  Pre-genetic Testing (PGT) 
It is a medical screening process used during IVF, examining embryos for genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities before implantation, helping select healthy embryos and increasing pregnancy success rates.
  Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) 
This technique involves retrieving sperm from the epididymis using a minimally invasive approach. It is used in assisted reproductive procedures for men with obstructive azoospermia or sperm retrieval challenges.
  Infertility Assessment Male 
We conduct comprehensive examinations to assess male reproductive health. This helps us to determine the causes of infertility.
  Intra - uterine Insemination (IUI) 
This procedure involves implanting the prepared sperm into the women’s uterus. This brings the sperm closer to the egg within the reproductive tract and increases the chances of conception.
  Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) 
ICSI is an intricate IVF procedure involving the direct injection of a sperm into an egg, enhancing the likelihood of successful conception for couples who have fertilisation difficulties.
  Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) 
A procedure to retrieve sperm directly from the testicles for use in assisted reproductive techniques like IVF and ICSI, often performed when sperm is not present in the ejaculation. TESA offers hope for men with certain fertility issues to achieve parenthood.
A method of preserving cells, tissues, or gametes by freezing them at very low temperatures, typically in liquid nitrogen. It allows long-term storage and future use in various medical applications, including fertility preservation and organ transplantation.

Why Choose Nova IVF Fertility treatment in Rajouri Garden?

Nova IVF Fertility treatment centre in Rajouri Garden is known for its unparalleled expertise in fertility care. The centre is staffed with an experienced team of specialists and embryologists who offer individualised treatment plans, incorporating cutting-edge techniques like IVF and IUI. With modern facilities and a compassionate approach, they strive to fulfil the aspirations of parenthood for every patient.

Individualised Care:

At Nova IVF Fertility in Rajouri Garden, we empathise with the emotions couples struggling with infertility. We prioritise a tailored approach, customising treatments to suit your specific circumstances and challenges. Your aspirations become ours from the very first conversation. Our Rajouri centre team will support you throughout the entire journey, standing by your side at every step.

Quality Across Networks:

The Nova IVF Fertility network lab quality system comprises the highest trained staff, protocols, quality controls, data analysis and focused execution. All of these components contribute to the most accurate comprehensive reproductive screening results for infertility patients. Not all IVF labs are equal. What sets us apart is the excellence of our facilities. With expertise and unwavering dedication to lab operations, we consistently achieve high-quality results, leading to successfully helping over 80,000+ IVF live births, among the highest rates in India.

Convenient Location:

We provide infertility treatments across the Delhi-NCR, with five fertility centres at Rajouri Garden, Vasant Vihar, Noida, Indirapuram and Gurugram. Our Rajouri Garden centre offers accessibility for those in the city by various modes of transportation, including the Delhi Metro, buses, and taxis. The Rajouri Garden Metro Station on the Pink Line serves as a major transportation hub, making it convenient for residents and patients to reach the facility effortlessly. Choosing a fertility clinic that’s right for you is a big decision. whether you are interested in IVF, IUI, egg freezing or ICSI. Remember, where you go matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several variables may influence a man's and a woman's capacity to conceive naturally. According to many experts, the following symptoms can indicate the right time to consult a fertility specialist:


  • For women: Irregularities in the menstrual cycle may be a sign of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a prevalent across the world, and can impede pregnancy. Additionally, issues like endometriosis and fibroids might reduce fertility levels as well. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, pelvic pain or missing periods, the symptoms may be related to these illnesses. An important factor is age–if you're over 35, your egg reserve may be declining, which might impact your chances of becoming pregnant. On the other hand, if you're under 35 and have been unsuccessfully in conceiving naturally for more than a year, it may be a sign that you have reproductive issues.
  • For Men: Conception difficulties may result from poor sperm quality, which is indicated by low sperm count in your partner. Additionally, it's crucial to speak with a urologist at the IVF center in Rajouri Garden if you lack sex desire or are unable to maintain an erection, as these symptoms can hinder conception.

Be proactive, as timely consultation with the best IVF center in Rajouri Garden can help you shortlist a suitable therapy to address the underlying issues and receive prompt treatment. This way, you are back on the road to recovery and can make plans to move forward with starting a family.

Nova IVF Fertility has six centres across Delhi-NCR, located in Gurugram, Indirapuram, Noida, Vasant Vihar, an IVF centre in Rajouri Garden, and an OPD IVF clinic in Dwarka. NIF a multi-award-winning fertility chain of clinics with 71 centres in 48 cities across India.

The best IVF centre in Rajouri Garden operates between Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are closed on public holidays. You can book an appointment at 08049388781 during working hours to consult a doctor at Nova IVF Fertility in your area.

IUI fees will differ across hospitals and the charges also depend on where the clinic is located. An intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle can start from Rs 9,000. Although the final estimate may also be affected by factors such medications, and the kind of therapy that has been recommended based on your clinical condition.

An IVF treatment cycle can cost anywhere from Rs 99,000 and above. The actual price, however, may change according on your treatment plan and the need for additional tests, such as pre-implantation genetic screening tests. You may get more information regarding treatment costs by speaking with the centre staff at the IVF center in Rajouri Garden.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) can start from Rs. 1,70,000 to Rs. 2,30,000 per cycle in India. ICSI can entail a number of cycles, and the patient is usually charged per cycle. The cost only applies to the standard techniques and procedures that your reproductive specialists will advise. The cost may not cover additional specialised tests that you might have to undergo during your therapy.

PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies) is a procedure in which an embryo tissue sample is analysed for abnormal chromosome numbers and genetic diseases prior to IVF embryo transfer. The test typically costs over Rs 17,000 per embryo. The cost of diagnosis per embryo is determined by genetic laboratories. And as the number of embryos requiring biopsies increases, so do the costs, and vice versa.

The top IVF center in Rajouri Garden has a high success rate and has forged a strong reputation in 20 years. You will work with fertility specialists who are committed to increasing your chances for a successful pregnancy. You will also get access to advanced innovative therapies supported by an experienced team of experts for the best results.

The IVF center in Rajouri Garden centre offers the many benefits:

  • Support: When people are struggling emotionally because of issues brought on by their therapies, our counsellors at your centre are here to help. You may be experiencing stress related to failed results, complicated procedures, extended wait times, and or difficulty is choosing a line of treatment. We provide you with effective methods for dealing with anxiety in both a clinical and everyday setting. We personalise our services to meet your unique needs throughout your journey, such as miscarriage, multiple pregnancies, or even the termination of a medical procedure.
  • Hi-Tech Procedures: The IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden employs cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and methodologies such as Pre-genetic screening (PGS) and Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA). The facility offers reproductive treatments that use cutting-edge technology to increase your chances of having a successful baby. The centre has also used artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its in-house lab, which contributes to your success.
  • Flexible Financing: The IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden offers a suite of affordable treatments with a transparent pricing structure. You can be assured that there will be no unexpected deductibles or expenses during your IVF journey with us. Additionally, we offer convenient EMI options to make fertility treatment more manageable.

You may get in touch with Nova IVF Fertility in Delhi-NCR by email to info@novaivffertility.com or you can call us at 08049388781 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday. You also have the option of getting in touch with the best IVF center in Rajouri Garden directly via their website. From the homepage, go to the top menu and click "City". From the drop-down menu that appears, pick "Delhi-NCR". When city page opens, you will view five centre tabs. You may click the "Book Your Appointment" button on the Rajouri Garden centre page. In the form that opens, provide your details in the required fields that includes your name, mobile number, and the selection of your chosen centre from the drop-down menu. Simply click the 'Confirm Appointment' button.


The Nova IVF Team will reach out to you at the earliest and confirm an appointment as per your convenience. They will assist in scheduling an appointment with a preferred doctor. Also, the response team will provide you with the address of the centre and a link to Google Maps via WhatsApp to facilitate navigation.