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Nova IVF Fertility has expanded its presence as the leading fertility centre chain in India. After successfully setting up centres in Chennai, Salem, Madurai, Tirupur, Erode, Nova IVF has grown its footprint in Tamil Nadu to establish its centre in Tiruchirappalli. The centre embodies the best of Nova IVF Fertility. It is managed by a fertility specialist, embryologist, state-of-the-art technology, and a compassionate, individualised approach to fertility care. The team is dedicated to making the path to parenthood less daunting and more result-oriented for each couple we serve. This way, Nova IVF is sustaining its ongoing commitment to bring exceptional fertility treatment accessible and affordable to couples across more diverse demographics. With over 75,000+ successful IVF pregnancies and single embryo transfers we are a corporate chain with single minded focus on ethics and patients’ safety.

Services offered at Nova IVF Hospital in Tiruchirappalli

At the IVF center in Tiruchirappalli, we're here to support your journey to parenthood every step of the way. Our clinic features cutting-edge labs, and our seasoned team uses the latest technology to boost your odds of a successful outcome.

Here are some of the services that we are offering:

  Own Egg Pregnancy 
Patients elect the advanced technique that involves the use of their own eggs, ensuring that their legacy is passed on to their baby. Both, the female's eggs and her male partner's sperm are collected to initiate the fertility process.
  Blood Tests 
These are essential diagnostic tools in fertility evaluations, revealing hormone levels and potential issues that could affect conception. Blood tests can identify underlying conditions that impact fertility.
  Preliminary Assessments 
For couples unfamiliar with fertility treatments, the IVF clinic in Tiruchirappalli begins with a comprehensive evaluation that may include blood tests, ultrasonographic imaging, and sperm analysis. Depending on your clinical condition, you may not be required to take all the tests. Also, if you have undergone previous testing, our medical staff can evaluate the results to determine an appropriate treatment plan.
  Semen Analysis 
This is the primary test to evaluate male fertility. It measures several parameters, including sperm count, motility, and morphology, to provide a comprehensive understanding of male reproductive health.
  Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 
This procedure involves the placement of specially prepared sperm into the woman's uterus, coordinated with her ovulatory cycle.
  In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) 
In this procedure, the female's eggs are fertilised with her partner's sperm in a laboratory setting. The developed embryos are then implanted into the uterus of the woman.
  Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) 
This is a cutting-edge technique in which a single sperm is injected directly into a woman's egg, increasing the likelihood of successful fertilisation.
  Pre-genetic Testing (PGT) 
Couples who desire to examine embryos for chromosomal or genetic abnormalities before IVF procedures may undergo this elective screening.
  Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) 
The surgical procedure enables couples to directly extract sperm from the testicular tissue. The procedure is carried out when sperm quality is suboptimal or absent.
  Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) 
This method allows the physician to obtain a sperm sample directly from the epididymis for sperm count evaluation.
  Magnetic Activated Sperm Sorting (MACS) 
This advanced technology separates healthy, viable sperm from damaged or apoptotic sperm. MACS improves the quality of sperm used in IVF procedures, thereby increasing the chances of successful conception.
Eggs, sperm, and embryos may be cryogenically preserved for future fertility treatments. Individuals and couples who are contemplating deferring parenthood for personal or medical reasons can benefit from this facility.  

The range of services Nova IVF offers is designed to increase a couple’s chances of having children and is personalised to fit their specific needs as determined by a thorough evaluation by the team.

Why Choose Nova IVF Centre in Tiruchirappalli?

For individuals seeking high-quality IVF treatment in Tiruchirappalli, the newly setup Nova IVF centre is a suitable option. Patients can expect comprehensive care, from initial diagnosis to treatment, tailored to their clinical requirements. The facility utilises state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced medical professionals to ensure optimal results. Nova IVF is committed to helping patients achieve their dream of parenthood.

From Consult-To-Treatment:

From the initial consultation to the actual treatment, our approach is designed to be comprehensive and personalised. The journey starts with an in-depth assessment of both partners to diagnose the underlying causes of infertility. We recognise that IVF may not be appropriate for all couples facing fertility challenges. The experts have in-depth knowledge and are proficient in the domain to determine for whom IVF is not in their best interest. On the other hand, the doctors are trained to provide the right resources to reduce the uncertainty, fear, and confusion that prevents patients from choosing a treatment plan even when it is the most suitable solution. Post-diagnosis, the team of specialist crafts a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. They work closely with you, guiding you through each phase of your fertility journey, from initial consultations and assessments to the most advanced IVF procedures.

From Latest Technology to Expert IVF Care:

From the moment you step into our facility, you'll find that technology and expert care go hand-in-hand at the IVF centre to form the bedrock of our services. Utilising cutting-edge diagnostic tools and advanced technologies, we deliver an array of fertility solutions, tailored to suit your medical needs. Nova IVF's experts not only have years of experience in reproductive medicine but are also trained to leverage the latest technology for an optimal outcome. State-of-the-art technology aids in every phase, from egg retrieval to embryo implantation, ensuring accuracy and increasing the odds of successful conception. Our constant support and advanced care protocols make the journey from the lab analysis to the OT, seamless and hopeful. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with exceptional medical expertise, we aim to offer you the best possible chances of achieving your dream of parenthood.

From Cost-Effective Packages To Transparent Pricing:

The IVF centre in Tiruchirappalli aims to make your journey to parenthood as smooth as possible. We recognise the importance of financial transparency and affordability. Nova IVF is committed to providing a variety of cost-effective IVF packages curated to cater to diverse budgetary needs. From the outset, we aim to be transparent about all potential expenditures, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees. This transparency extends to every stage of treatment, from diagnostic tests and medications to the actual IVF procedures. We understand that the financial burden of fertility treatment can add to the emotional stress that couples are already experiencing. Therefore, we also offer payment options like equated monthly instalments (EMIs), to ease your financial burden. Our aim is to enable you to focus solely on what matters most achieving your dream of building a family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The right time to see a fertility doctor at an IVF centre in Tiruchirappalli can depend on many factors including your age, health history and how long you have been trying to conceive.

The following are some general guidelines:

  • Age Factor: Women under 35 who have been trying to conceive without success for at least a year should consider consulting a fertility specialist. For women over 35, the recommended time is six months.
  • Irregular Menses: If your menstrual cycle is irregular or absent, it is advisable to consult a fertility specialist even before trying for a year as it may indicate a problem with ovulation.
  • Known Fertility Issues: If you have a known fertility issue, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis or fibroids
  • Recurrent Miscarriages: If you have experienced two or more miscarriages, a fertility doctor can help identify any underlying issues.
  • Male Factor Infertility: If tests have revealed issues with sperm quality, count, or motility, a visit to a fertility specialist is advised.
  • Previous Cancer Treatment: Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can have long-term effects on fertility. If you or your partner has undergone such treatments, consult your fertility doctor before attempting to conceive.
  • No Known Reason: Sometimes, couples have what is known as "unexplained infertility." If you have been unsuccessful in conceiving but have no known medical issues, a fertility specialist may still be able to help.
  • Family History: A family history of infertility, early menopause, or genetic disorders can be a strong reason to consult a specialist sooner rather than later.
  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid issues can affect fertility. If you have a chronic condition, it's wise to consult with a specialist even before you start trying to conceive.

If you or your partner, experience any of the above enlisted situations, you both can consider consulting a fertility doctor to explore your options. This will enable a thorough evaluation and provide you with a suitable treatment plan to improve your chances of successful conception.

Nova IVF Fertility has established a single centre in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu to offer specialised fertility treatments.

In India, all the Nova IVF Fertility facilities are open for consultation from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The clinics are closed on Sundays and public holidays. To schedule an outpatient appointment or consult with a fertility expert, call us at 08049388781 during our operational hours.

The cost for IUI treatment can be quite affordable, starting at just Rs. 9,000. Various factors, such as pre-existing health conditions for either you or your partner, the medications required, and the tailored treatment plan recommended by your fertility specialist, could contribute to a higher overall cost.

The cost of fertility treatments is a common concern for many people. At the latest IVF clinic in Tiruchirappalli, we strive to make the treatments financially accessible. Generally, an IVF procedure costs around Rs 99,000 onwards. However, the estimate may differ based on your individual needs, such as specialised tests or imaging that may be required.

The cost of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) can differ significantly, especially as the number of treatment cycles increases. In India, the cost for a single ICSI cycle generally ranges from Rs 1,70,00 to Rs 2,20,000. These estimates are for standard procedures; if your particular case requires further medical intervention beyond what is initially recommended by your fertility specialist, the total cost may fluctuate. For a more accurate, you can consult your healthcare team at the top IVF center in Tiruchirappalli.

Prior to starting with an IVF embryo transfer, several couples choose to undergo examinations such as Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies (PGT-A) in order to identify probable genetic abnormalities in the embryo. In the course of this procedure, a specimen is obtained from the embryo for the purpose of analysis. The baseline cost for a PGT-A test begins at Rs 17,000 per embryo. If the couple wants to have more embryos assessed, the total cost will correspondingly rise. To get a comprehensive financial estimate that is customised to your individual requirements, it is recommended to seek guidance from your doctor.

Nova IVF Fertility has won several honours and awards over the years as a result of its dedication to provide the high- quality treatment and supportive care seamlessly through each of its centres. These accolades demonstrate the organisation's commitment to medical excellence and its ongoing efforts to develop the area of fertility treatment. The acknowledgement highlights Nova IVF's position as a reputable leader in fertility care on a national level.

At our latest IVF hospital in Tiruchirappalli, Nova IVF Fertility offers the following benefits:

  • Leverage High Success Rates: The newly established Nova IVF centre in Tiruchirappalli is geared to leverage the success rates of its sibling centres across India, which have already set a very high precedent. The centre is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and hand-picked expert medical staff. Designed to streamline its technology and facilities, the centre offers hopeful couples an increased chance of achieving their dream of parenthood.
  • Strategic Locations: Nova IVF Fertility has founded over 68 centres across 44 cities. Like the best IVF center in Tiruchirappalli, all the IVF centres are strategically located across various regions, offering more couples easier access to high-quality fertility treatments. This geographical spread not only broadens the Nova IVF network but also minimises travel inconvenience, making it more feasible for couples to get going on their journey toward parenthood.
  • Multi-disciplinary Approach: Our multi-disciplinary approach at the best IVF centre in Tiruchirappalli brings together a range of specialists, including embryologists, endocrinologists, and other medical experts, to offer an accurate prognosis and a holistic treatment plan. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of fertility issues are addressed, enhancing the chances of successful conception and pregnancy while delivering personalised care tailored to each patient's unique requirements.

If you require a consultation with a fertility specialist at the best IVF center in Tiruchirappalli, or another convenient Nova IVF Fertility Centre, please contact our customer service team at 08049388781. Our representatives will aid you in scheduling an appointment with your preferred physician, at any centre of your choice. Appointments can also be easily scheduled through our website.

Here is a step-by-step guide to online booking via the website of Nova IVF Fertility:

  1. Click 'Book Your Appointment' button on the upper right corner of the Nova IVF homepage. On your mobile device, the ‘Book Your Appointment’ button will appear at the bottom of the page.
  2. When the Appointment page loads, enter your name, and contact information as required in the respective fields.
  3. Select your desired centre from the Centre drop-down menu on the page.
  4. Click the 'Confirm Appointment' icon to send us your information.

The response team will promptly respond with the appointment details. In addition, a link to Google Maps will be sent to you via WhatsApp to help you find your selected centre’s location.