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10 Ways to De-stress to Boost Your Fertility


Recent research studies increasingly support the idea that stress may be responsible for 30% of all infertility problems. Although stress may not directly affect fertility, it adversely affects physiological conditions that have an impact on fertility.

Hence, if you are trying to conceive, it is very important for you to bring your stress levels under control. Here are 10 ways by which you can de-stress:

Listen to music

Music is an instant mood lifter. Scientific studies have shown that listening to classical music can, regulate your heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease the levels of stress hormones. It is a good idea therefore, to listen to the kind of music you enjoy, whenever you find that things are getting overwhelming.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is not only good for maintaining overall health, but it also releases endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for relaxing the body. Make sure to exercise regularly, for at least 30 minutes as many times a week as you can, to keep stress away.

Meet your friends

We all have that one friend or group of friends who are always there for us when we need them. Having a strong support system always helps. Make sure you socialize on a regular basis and meet people who love and care about you. Talk to your parents every so often and share your thoughts and your life with them. It can be tough to find time to spend with others when one is busy with one’s daily life, but it makes a lot of difference.


Volunteering can make one feel good by making one feel a sense of accomplishment. Make sure you volunteer periodically. Join a cause or group that you support and get yourself out there!


Meditation works as a great way to let go of the worries and cares of your day, If you close your eyes, take a deep breath and you’re your body and mind for about ten minutes every day, you will feel refreshed and will be able to let go of any negative thoughts or doubts.

Pick up a hobby

Do you like gardening? You could get some ideas online and try to start your own little kitchen garden, or if you have an interest in cooking, you could learn some new recipes from the latest cooking shows. Whatever your passion is, take some time to cultivate and nurture it, as any activity that brings you satisfaction and joy will have a positive effect on your mind.

Take a vacation

Travel always broadens one’s overall vision and makes one discover so much more about the world. Is there any place you have always dreamed of visiting? A vacation, even if it is for just a day or two would help you feel refreshed and even if time or finances do not permit you to go to your dream place – flip through the photos of wonderful trips that you have had in the past. Relive those moments, the fun times and those happy feelings again.

Get a pet

Studies have shown that playing with a pet can greatly reduce stress. If you have the time and space for a pet, it would be a wonderful way to let go of your worries. It is definitely worth it for the joy that comes from seeing the pet respond with affection, or play around the house.

Write your thoughts

When you feel upset, try writing down your feelings in a journal or personal blog. This would help you understand yourself better and have more clarity on your thoughts and feelings.

Laugh it out

Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress. It relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system and can prevent heart disease. Try to watch comedy movies, enjoy some lighter moments with friends or remember the times that made you laugh.

Remember, no matter what happens stress is not good for you or your chances of conceiving. So try to lead a stress-free life by following some of these simple tips.

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