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FAQ’s On Ferility Myths In Fertile Conversations

FAQ’s On Ferility Myths In Fertile Conversations

Did you know according to a recent study done by Ernst & Young LLP, approximately 27.5 million couples in India are diagnosed with infertility? It’s indeed true, and unfortunately only 1% of these couples actively seek infertility treatment.

There are many key factors which contribute to the high prevalence of infertility such as:

  • Lifestyle factors: These include late marriage, putting off pregnancy, rise in tobacco consumption, and high levels of obesity
  • Clinical factors: Such as PCOS/D, endometriosis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

The onset of infertility causes a lot of confusion and, affects people mentally as much as physically. An individual may continuously ponder over certain thoughts such as, “Is my diet affecting my fertility?”, “Can obesity reduce our chances of conceiving?”. These can cause a major disruption in the lives of the couple and their extended family.

Furthermore, people are exposed to a lot of information with no direction and have no access to any concrete answers. In association with Nova IVF Fertility, Times of India presents a fortnight of “Fertile conversations”. The conversations start from the 13th July, wherein a host of seminars will take place in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, during which one can listen to informational lectures by industry experts and gain some valuable knowledge to help them on their journey to parenthood.

Couples can also log into and have their queries addressed by experts. They can also take the “Fertility quiz”, which will help give an insight into the potential fertility level and if there is a need to consult with a specialist. So, if you’ve been struggling to conceive or have any concerns regarding your fertility be sure to tune-in and be a part of Fertile Conversations.

A great opportunity to have all your questions, answered by the experts

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