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What is the success rate of IVF treatment ?

What is the success rate of IVF treatment

In vitro fertilization (also called IVF by its initials) is an assisted reproductive technology that requires experience and technology, such as the one offered by Nova IVF Fertility Centre, the best IVF centre/institution in the treatment of sterility and infertility in India for more than 10 years. Our centres with a national wide footprint have helped over 47000+ women to achieve a successful IVF pregnancy.

Thanks to IVF, the woman's oocytes can be fertilized in the laboratory with the sperm of her partner or a donor, and the embryos obtained through fertilization can be transferred to the patient's uterus.

In addition to being an advanced and reliable technique for assisted reproductive technology, one of the main advantages of IVF is that recovered embryos can be graded based on their quality and then only quality embryos can be used for fertility treatment. Advanced techniques detect morphological abnormalities and helps in sorting and using good quality embryos for a successful outcome. This information can be very helpful in predicting the couple's chances of pregnancy more reliably.

At the same time, the fact of being able to freeze the embryos left over from the treatment makes the subsequent process of embryo transfer simpler and increases the cumulative chances of pregnancy. Advanced techniques such as IVF- ICSI, PGT, AI based embryo sorting are offered at Nova IVF centres across India.

The success rate is a set of indicators that show the probabilities of achieving a pregnancy offered by the different assisted reproduction techniques. High success rates are a coordinated effort of the fertility specialists, embryologists, counsellors, nurses, and the infrastructure that supports in maximising the outcome of a healthy pregnancy. The success rate of IVF depends on the maternal age, and quality of gametes too.

Natural Cycle

The birth rate when IVF is used in the natural cycle is very low: less than 10 % (because the number of mature eggs per cycle is only one, rarely two).


The success rate of IVF – ICSI is roughly 60 – 65 % per attempt and it increases to 80 – 90 % after 4 attempts.

Ovum Donation

If you are undergoing IVF with donor eggs, on the first attempt, you have a 74 % chance of getting pregnant in the first attempt, reaching >90 % on the third attempt.

Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis

Preimplantational genetic diagnosis allows us to detect alterations in chromosomes (PGT-SR), in their number (PGT-A) or in a specific gene (PGT-M). Thanks to these analyses, we can detect chromosomal/genetic problems in the embryos, transferring only those that are normal / not affected, thus reducing the risk of miscarriage, and increasing the chances of having a healthy baby, free of diseases such as Thalassemia, Down syndrome, Turner or Klinefelter.

Single Embryo Transfer

At our centres, we are committed to our couples to offer them the safest and most efficient treatments possible, both for the mothers and the newborns. The transfer of a single embryo minimizes the possibilities of multiple pregnancies and the complications that this entails for both the mother and the baby.

Cryopreserved Embryo Transfers

When you are undergoing treatment at Nova IVF, if you must resort to using previously frozen embryos, our pregnancy rate for this type of transfer is 65 – 70 %.

Many of our patients come to Nova IVF with a difficult history, either because of their age or because of failed treatments in other clinics, but thanks to our IVF processes, specialists, and infertility management; continuous reproductive innovation; and more than 30 years of experience, we can offer solutions to even the most complex cases.

Thanks to IVF technology, more than 8 million children have already been born in the world. Every year, more than 1 million women undergo IVF fertility treatment. This is definitely a boon to couples with infertility.


Dr. Manish Banker
Medical Director, Nova IVF


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