Pregnancy at 45 years through egg donation for a couple struggling with unexplained infertility

Pregnancy at 45 years through egg donation for a couple struggling with unexplained infertility

A couple from Kolkata, Gautam (48 years) and Shikha (45 years), were married for 28 years and had eagerly been wanting to enjoy parenthood, but alas, their dream of delivering and parenting their own child continued to remain a distant dream.

After the first 5 years of unsuccessful attempts to conceiving naturally, they consulted multiple doctors and fertility experts to understand the root cause of not having a baby. The doctors conducted routine infertility tests and could not identify any major abnormalities. Ovulation induction treatment was recommended to the couple, however, even this proved to be ineffective.

Over the next 15 years, the couple kept trying all possible infertility treatment options across West Bengal and Bihar. They changed doctors often and underwent several ovulation induction treatment options via medication as well as injections. However, all their efforts were in vain and they only kept getting more frustrated and their hope started giving room to despair. They had started thinking that they will never be able to experience the joy of having and parenting their own child.

Consultation at Nova IVF Fertility

However, in 2018, one of the couple’s family friends met them and referred them to Nova IVF Fertility, Kolkata. Repeat tests were carried out at Nova IVF Fertility and it was found that Shikha’s Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) value was very low (under 1 ng/ml), which meant that her ovarian reserve had diminished with age. However, the tests established that her uterus was healthy enough for conception and carrying out a pregnancy successfully. On the other hand, Gautam’s semen analysis showed poor motility and morphology.

As Shikha’s uterus was hospitable, the fertility consultant at Nova advised the couple to opt for ovum donation and MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) followed by ICSI to conceive successfully.

What are MACS and ICSI, and why are they used?

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting or MACS is a part of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) which helps select the healthiest sperms to improve the embryo quality. This technique ensures higher pregnancy rates.

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm injection (ICSI) is a laboratory process where single sperms are picked up using a fine glass needle and injected directly into each egg by highly experienced embryologists using specialised equipment. For such a process, few sperms are required as the ability of sperm to penetrate the egg is no longer important due to the fertilisation being assisted by the ICSI technique. This is typically carried out when sperm count is very low, or sperm cannot move well or there are antibodies in the semen.

Treatment at Nova IVF Fertility

As per the egg donation process, an egg donor was matched with Shikha and through injections, her ovulation cycle was suppressed to bring it in sync with Shikha’s. The eggs were then harvested for fertilisation.

Gautam’s sperm, sorted through MACS, was directly injected into each egg, by a highly-experienced embryologist in a laboratory setting. 2 blastocysts were subsequently transferred and resulted in healthy, twin pregnancy. The couple was ecstatic with joy and realised their dream of having their own child.

Nova giving hope to couples with unexplained infertility

Even for couples who cannot conceive due to unexplained infertility, there is hope with Nova IVF Fertility. Unexplained infertility is common in couples who have been trying to conceive. While the average fecundity rate is 6.3%, couples with unexplained infertility have cycle fecundity rate of just 1% to 4% without any fertility treatments. This reflects in their probability of conceiving and having a live birth. While most doctors suggest ovulation induction treatment for this issue, it could take a long time and mostly the success rates are very low.

Nova IVF Fertility specialises in Assistive Reproductive Techniques (ART) and for couples where ovulation induction treatments have been unsuccessful for a year, we advise to opt for IVF instead. IVF has proven to be an effective and successful treatment if the root cause of infertility cannot be analysed. Moreover, if the procedure is done at the right time, and with the right techniques like MACS and ICSI, even with very low ovarian reserves, or with sperm issues, the couple can still conceive timely and fulfil their dream of having their little ones, right during their prime age.

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