Do Test Tube Babies Behave Normally?

Do Test Tube Babies Behave Normally?

IVF is a common type of fertility treatment. This involves retrieving eggs and sperm from the couple, fertilizing the egg with sperm in a lab and then transferring up to 1 or 2 embryos back to the woman’s womb. The rest of the pregnancy continues as normal in the woman’s womb.

Babies that are conceived outside a woman’s body through IVF are known as test tube babies. In terms of mental and physical development, there is no difference between babies conceived inside a woman’s body and babies conceived outside a woman’s body. This also holds true for babies born from frozen sperm or frozen embryos. Thus, there is no need to wonder whether a test tube baby will behave normally or not.

Test Tube Babies are Normal

Fact: The first test tube baby was born in 1978. Since then over 8 million people have been born through IVF. A majority of these people grew up to lead normal lives and many have families of their own.

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