How Does Alcohol Cause Infertility in Men?

How Does Alcohol Cause Infertility in Men?

It's not just the ladies who need to check their alcohol consumption if they are planning for a baby anytime soon. Even the men need to be careful about their booze doze. The fact is that alcohol causes infertility in men. Outlined below are the main points that tell you how alcohol consumption leads to infertility in men.

Problems with Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of the main causes of infertility due to alcohol consumption. When a man drinks too much, the response system of his body slows down. It becomes difficult for him to have an erection and hold it long enough. This is because drinking causes the blood vessels to widen or dilate. As such, the blood that rushes to the penis during sexual arousal doesn't stay there. Since the blood flows out of the penis, all that the male is left with is a weak erection and sometimes no erection at all.

Issues with Testosterone Production

Testosterone is the main sex hormone that regulates fertility in men. Alcohol consumption is known to impact the body's ability to produce testosterone. Ethanol is the main component of alcohol. When it is absorbed by the body, it reduces the level of coenzyme NAD+, a vital ingredient needed for the production of testosterone. Alcohol is also harmful to the Leydig cells that are involved in testosterone production. Also, alcohol causes the oestrogen levels to increase in the body. This imbalance of hormones causes testicular shrinkage and leads to fertility problems.

Difficulties Related to Healthy Sperm Production

Testosterone is essential for sperm production. When testosterone production is affected, it results in lower sperm counts. Even the quality of sperm produced is impacted. Sperm cells are very sensitive in nature. Alcohol acts as a poison for them and brings about their death. With low sperm count and abnormal sperm shape, the fertility of a male is bound to suffer.