How is Hypospermia Treated?

How is Hypospermia Treated?

There are a various number of options available these days to treat Hypospermia or low semen volume condition. Hypospermia does not often associated with male infertility unless it is combined with oligozoospermia, which is a low sperm count diagnosis. Short abstinence or spillage of semen sample during collection should be corrected first before making a diagnosis. Your doctor will suggest the best option based on the root cause of this condition. Below given are some common treatment methods to get rid of Hypospermia:

Treatment of Hypospermia

Listed below are the treatment options available for Hypospermia:

Lifestyle Changes

This is one of the most simple and effortless methods of treating this condition. But this can only work if your Hypospermia condition is minor or at its early stages and also the results may not be immediate. Maintain a healthy lifestyle can bring a noticeable improvement in semen quantity. Having certain foods rich in protein and zinc, keeping alcohol and smoking at bay is really a crucial part of in correcting Hypospermia. Also, doctors may suggest such couples to try prostate simulation or milking massage during a sexual intercourse for a period of time.


If you are facing this medical condition because of an infection or inflammation, then this type of treatment would be suggested by your doctor. Here, medication or pills will be given to treat the condition and post that some supplements will be given to you to boost your sperm volume. The common supplements that are widely recommended to improve the condition include prosolution pills, volume pills, and Semenax. Medical management is also helpful in some cases of retrograde ejaculation.

Surgical Treatment

In the case of retrograde ejaculation or ejaculatory ducts obstruction, surgical options are available with limited success. TURED or Transurethral Resection of the Ejaculatory Ducts for ejaculatory ducts obstruction and a surgery to correct the issue at the neck of the bladder for retrograde ejaculation has to be carried out. Surgery rarely is the first option for retrograde ejaculation and thus sperm harvesting from the urine collected immediately after the ejaculation should be considered as an infertility treatment option.