How is XYY Syndrome Treated?

How is XYY Syndrome Treated?

XYY syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects men. The XYY syndrome cannot be cured. But treating the symptoms caused by this genetic disorder is possible. The syndrome is caused due to the cell division error in the sperm cells before or after conception. Men with this condition have an extra copy Y chromosome in all or some cells of their body.

Some men have obvious symptoms, while others display only mild symptoms. Correcting each and every sex chromosome present in one's cells is impossible. However, addressing the common symptoms and effects caused by the syndrome is the only treatment option available.

XYY Syndrome Treatment Options

Physical therapy: The affected individuals have a weak muscle tone which can bring down their confidence level. A physical therapist can help them overcome this issue by increasing their strength and coordination. Also, early interventions have seen to be effective in boys in their early months of life who find it difficult to crawl, stand or walk due to delayed motor skill development.

Speech therapy: Boys with XYY syndrome can develop speech difficulties at a young age. Expert healthcare professionals can help them improve their speech problems with proper speech therapies.

Educational support: Boys with this syndrome can have learning disabilities. Reading and writing disability can hamper a child's educational life. With proper education and developmental therapy, this problem can be solved. There are schools too, that provides with special education coordinators for students with learning difficulties.

Counseling: Counseling sessions will help the boy and his parents understand this rare genetic disorder in depth. It can help them in knowing the ways in which they can manage this syndrome for the child to live a successful life.

Follow-ups with the doctor: Regular visits to the doctor may be required as it can help one know their child's developmental delays and other problems. Periodic visits will also help the doctor to know how he is progressing with his present treatment strategies.