How much does it cost to do a semen analysis?

How much does it cost to do a semen analysis?

Semen analysis or sperm count test helps determine the viability and health of a man's sperm. A typical semen analysis includes the following checks:

  • Total number of sperms and concentration
  • Volume of semen
  • Consistency of semen
  • Percentage of normal, immature and defective sperm/sperm morphology
  • Ph factor
  • The percentage of motile sperm)
  • Grade of motility
  • Coagulation and liquefaction factor
  • Presence of fructose. (It is checked only in some cases)
  • Presence of white blood cells

The cost for semen analysis has to factor in the various procedures and reagents for the checks mentioned above.

Average Cost for Semen Analysis

Semen analysis test costs are different in various cities in India. On an average, Tier-3 cities offer the least expensive procedure and Tier-1 cities the most expensive. Depending on the different parameters that are tested, the cost can range anywhere from Rs. 70 to Rs. 4000.
High-end, specialized clinics also offer the advanced test in connection with semen analysis. The cost of semen analysis is additionally influenced by external factors like taxes, physical space, expense for procuring materials and so on.