How Obesity and Being Overweight Related to Male Infertility?

How Obesity and Being Overweight Related to Male Infertility?

Obesity is one of the leading medical conditions that are impacting the health of individuals across the world today. It is a known fact that obesity can lead to a variety of problems in a human body. Male infertility is one such problem. Yes, obesity has a clear connection to male infertility. Let's take a look at how is obesity related to infertility in men.

Obesity Interferes with Sexual Behaviour

Studies have revealed that an obese/overweight men show much less interest in indulging in sexual activities as compared to men with normal body weight. In fact, obese men are known to suffer from performance problems and hence, they tend to avoid sex altogether. While this in itself may not indicate that obesity leads to infertility, what complicates the matter is the fact that their performance issue is often due to erectile dysfunction. Obesity or overweight can damage the blood vessels and cause erectile dysfunction.

Obesity Affects the Scrotal Temperature

It may sound surprising, but heat is among the top causes of infertility in men. Sperm cells need a precise environment for their production and growth. This environment must be two to four degrees less than the body temperature. In the case of obese men, the layers of fat tissue in the thigh and groin areas increase the temperature of the testicles. This leads to a negative effect on the quantity and quality of sperm.

Obesity Leads to Low Sperm Count

Research carried out on overweight related to infertility indicates that when the body weight of men increases, the level of testosterone decreases. Healthy men having their body weight in the normal range are known to have high sperm count as compared to obese men. Obese men have low testosterone levels and high oestrogen levels. This imbalance in hormone levels decreases sperm production and hence affects fertility in obese men.

Other Factors that Relate Obesity to Male Infertility

There are other factors as well that directly or indirectly relates obesity to infertility. Among them are alterations in sleep pattern, semen parameters, etc.

But the good news is that a change in lifestyle and concentrated efforts to lose weight can help obese/overweight men to find a way out of their infertility condition. All they need is proper medical guidance and a determined approach.