How is testicular cancer treated?

How is testicular cancer treated?

Testicular cancer is the cancer that originates in the testes, the male sex organ. It is a rare form of cancer, but the most common cancer found in young males aged 15-45. Testicular cancer is curable in 95% of cases if detected early. Cancer in the testes can spread into the lymph nodes at the next stage. Treatment options range from surgical removal to radiation therapy which is decided based on the nature of the cancer and the stage.

Treatment of Testicular Cancer

After an accurate diagnosis of the stage and type of the cancer, a suitable treatment option is chosen. Treatment options available for testicular cancer are as follows:


The common treatment for this type of cancer is surgical removal of the testes, on which a malignant tumor has been detected. This process is called Orchiectomy. This treatment option may make the patient infertile. In cases where the lymph nodes are affected, they are removed as well. Surgery is the simplest form of cure and successfully removes cancer in most cases.

Radiation Therapy

Using radiation therapy, high powered energy beams similar to X-Rays are used to kill the cancerous cells. This treatment option is commonly used in cases where the cancer is of the seminoma type. The side effects include nausea, irritation in abdomen and skin redness. This may reduce the sperm count as well resulting in infertility.


Chemotherapy is another option for testicular cancer. Drugs are administered to kill the cancerous cells and to stop them from spreading. Chemotherapy is done in stages and common side effects are nausea, increased risk of infections and hair loss. They vary based on the specific drug used. Chemotherapy for testicular cancer may also result in infertility in some cases.

Some cases of testicular cancer may require a combination of treatments in order to successfully eradicate the cancerous cells.