How is Vaginismus Diagnosed?

How is Vaginismus Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of vaginismus is not very easy and needs a consultation with Gynecologists or fertility specialists.

In fact, the symptoms of vaginismus such as painful sexual intercourse, burning or stinging sensation during penetration, etc., cannot be identified accurately unless a pelvic examination is conducted by doctors. It is better to consult gynecologists, physical therapists and sex therapists and counselors before the final diagnosis of vaginismus is made. These specialists first understand the complete medical history of the patient, listen to all the symptoms that the patients are experiencing, and do a thorough pelvic check-up before they diagnose vaginismus.

Clinical Evaluation of Vaginismus

Physicians perform a pelvic examination of the patient to exclude the possibility of dyspareunia and focus on diagnosing vaginismus based on their symptoms.

After completing the examination, the physician makes the patient sit up and view her genitals in the mirror. The patient is asked to spread her labia and either the woman herself or the physician inserts a finger inside the vagina, past the hymen, until she is able to bear down. This simple examination helps the physician to diagnose vaginismus.

In case it is vaginismus, the patient is given emotional and sexual counseling from experts, and the physician also teaches her some kegel exercises which the patient is asked to do on a daily basis to relax the muscles around her vagina and make it fit for penetration.