How Weight Affects Fertility?

How Weight Affects Fertility?

Recently, male-factor infertility has gained more attention than female infertility. It has been found that in about one-third of the couples who are unable to conceive, the male-factor infertility was identified to be the cause. There are various reasons resulting in male infertility. However, one of the main reasons that have begun to attract notice is the effect of men’s weight on their fertility.

How Weight Affects Fertility?

Though the exact effect of weight on a man’s fertility is still unknown, the fertility experts have found some theories. Below given are the ways in which overweight can lead to infertility:

Erectile Dysfunction

Higher incidence of erectile dysfunction cases is seen in obese men. Usually, obesity can cause hypertension and thus affecting the blood that flows to their penis. This in-turn causes erectile dysfunction or the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse.

Increased Body Heat

Sperm production requires an optimum body temperature, which is maintained in the scrotum naturally. But due to excess body fat, an insulation is formed that can raise the temperature in the scrotum which can destroy the produced sperms or hinder their production altogether.

Lower Testosterone Levels

Excess of body fat can cause hormone levels to go out of balance. It has been seen that obese men have low levels of testosterone and high levels of female hormones estrogens. This adversely affects the production of sperm and thus causing infertility.

How to Know if you are over or under Weight?

The easiest way to find out if you are overweight is to use a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator which is widely available online. A BMI calculator uses your weight, height, age, and sex to estimate the total amount of body fat and determines which category (underweight, healthy weight and overweight) you fall into. This helps you to maintain a healthy body weight.

How to Deal with Weight-Related Infertility?

If you are concerned that your weight is affecting your fertility, then getting yourself examined by a fertility expert is the first step that needs to be taken. Your doctor will diagnose the matter and suggest you with proper plans to combat this condition. With proper lifestyle changes, keeping your weight in check is possible. Encouraging yourself with self-compassion and self-care is really important, rather than filling yourself with negative emotions due to social pressure, guilt, shame or inadequacy. One should motivate themselves to incorporate a good eating habit, exercise, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.