Is Infertility Mainly a Female Problem?

Is Infertility Mainly a Female Problem?

Some couples can get pregnant the very first time they have unprotected sexual intercourse. For others, the path to becoming parents has many more ups and downs. Today, infertility is a common issue. This is marked by the inability to have a successful pregnancy despite having well-timed unprotected sexual intercourse for over a year.

Most people assume infertility is a female problem. However,this can affect both men and women. Inability to conceive can be caused by many different factors including ovulation disorders, ejaculation disorders, low sperm count, issues with cervical mucus etc. Let’s take a look at a few other myths about infertility.

Myth: Age Only Affects Female Fertility
Fact: Age is one of the biggest influencers of female fertility but it also affects male fertility. Unlike women who are born with a limited number of eggs, men are not born with a limited number of sperm cells. However, the amount of sperm produced does decrease as a man grows older. Women with partners over the age of 40 years have a 27% higher chance of miscarrying compared to women with younger partners.

Myth: Infertile Couples Cannot Have Children
Fact: Just as there are many different factors that cause infertility, there are many different ways to treat it. Couples facing infertility may be advised to make certain lifestyle changes to improve their fertility rate. If this does not help, medication may be prescribed to stimulate ovulation and increase sperm count. In the case of structural issues such as endometriosis that may be causing infertility, surgery can help correct the problem. If these methods do not work or if a case cannot be ascertained for infertility, IVF may be tried.

Myth: Relaxing Can Cure Infertility
Fact: The only instances in which relaxing can cure infertility are ones in which the couple is so stressed out with work and other aspects of their life that they do not have a chance to have sexual intercourse. However, stress is not the only factor that causes infertility. In cases of infertility caused by PCOS, ovulation disorders, low sperm count, etc. relaxing will have no effect on fertility. In such cases, medical help is the only thing that can help.

The Truth

One in every 8 couples experiences infertility. Infertility can even affect couples who have already had their first child and are trying to have a second child. Thankfully, both male and female infertility can be treated.