Does the Embryology Lab Need 24/7 Power Supply?

Does the Embryology Lab Need 24/7 Power Supply?

There are various challenges faced while setting up an IVF laboratory. One such challenge faced by the clinics is a stable power supply. In a developing country like India, voltage fluctuation and power failure is a daily phenomenon. Most of the vital equipment used during an IVF treatment runs on power supply. So a good IVF laboratory should arrange a reliable mode of power supply.

Why a Stable Power Supply is Important?

Equipment such as an incubator, micromanipulator systems, medical refrigerator, freezing machines, etc., needs an uninterrupted power supply. A stable power supply is required to maintain an optimal condition for the proper growth and development of the embryos. These vital machines should also have a trigger alarm program or a call back service in case of power failure. Special measures should be taken to secure constant power supply to these critical areas of the IVF center.

Is there a Guideline for Designing an IVF Lab?

As per IVF lab design guidelines, to combat the voltage fluctuation and power failure, an IVF center must have different power back-up arrangements. Generally, standby generators along with powerful UPS systems are used as a back-up in many centers. The UPS system that gets charged by the car batteries can provide a power supply of nearly four hours to the IVF laboratory as well as the operating theater.

After UPS system drains out, the further power supply can be drawn out using the standby generators. Thus, maintaining a constant power supply all throughout. The IVF centers must follow a strict maintenance schedule for the back-up systems to avoid an event of power failure or fluctuation.