How to Read IVF Success Rates

How to Read IVF Success Rates

If you and your partner have been trying to have a child, you would have considered IVF treatment. This procedure is a preferred method for those who have endometriosis, damaged fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, unidentified fertility problems, and similar issues. Read further to understand how you can interpret IVF success rates.

Understanding IVF Success Rates

To understand IVF success rates, let's take a look at the treatment cycle. If it is a stimulated cycle, the female is given fertility drugs to produce eggs. Once the eggs are produced and developed, the eggs are collected. The sperm cells are also collected from the male. After this, the sperm cells and the egg cells are fused in a laboratory, and a few embryos are developed. The best quality embryo will be transferred to the female's uterus. The embryo then gets implanted in the female's uterus. The woman carries the baby and gives birth naturally after nine months.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Age -

    Age is one of the factors that determine IVF success rates. The younger the female, the higher the chances of good quality eggs and higher the success rate of IVF treatments.

  • Live Birth Vs Conception -

    When a clinic talks about success rates, you need to check how they define success. Do they determine success by measuring how many women have conceived through this process or how many live births resulted after the procedure? It also could be how many embryos are transferred or how many cycles are measured.

From Treatment Plan to Birth – Everything Matters

You need to check with the clinic how they measure their success rates in order to zero down on an ideal clinic for your fertility treatment. Since each individual is different from another, the treatment plan offered will also be different. For instance, if any of the individuals cannot produce good quality sperm or eggs, the fertility specialist will suggest using donor sperms/eggs for the procedure. Check the chances of having a live birth per embryo transfer. Also, analyze the success rates based on the infertility diagnosis offered by the clinic.

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