Relation between Age and Pregnancy

Relation between Age and Pregnancy

Being blessed with motherhood is certainly the most precious gift bestowed on a woman by nature. But is there a right age to get pregnant? The answer is different for different women.

Considering the physical, mental and emotional readiness of a woman, the age between 25-30 years is considered ideal to get pregnant. That doesn’t mean that one cannot get pregnant with a healthy child post 30’s or 40’s. This is the reason why experts agree that there is no best age to get pregnant. However, age can be a determining factor for certain couples.

The Relation between Age and Pregnancy

Let’s discuss below how every age range affects pregnancy:

In your 20s

In the early 20s, a woman has the best chance to conceive with the highest numbers of egg in her whole lifetime. But, women of this age may not be ready to start a family so soon. So, some may wait until their late 20s to get pregnant. For women with a healthy lifestyle, age between 25 and 29 is also considered a good time to get pregnant. At this age, women still have a 25 percent chance of achieving pregnancy every month. The risks and complications involved during pregnancy in your 20s are significantly less.

In your 30s

The early 30s is the time when most career-oriented women, who have found a stable relationship, prefer to start a family. By 30s, the chance of getting pregnant every month hovers around 20 percent. Fertility starts to decline at this age and the risks of miscarriage and the chances of C-section are twice as high as at the 20s. Thorough screening and tests may be required at this age.

In your 40s

By 40s most women have health conditions like, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. that can adversely affect their pregnancy. At this age, their eggs start to decline its quantity and quality. With older eggs, the risk of ectopic pregnancies and chromosomal abnormalities are higher.