How is Smoking and Fertility Related?

How is Smoking and Fertility Related?

It is a known fact that smoking is injurious to health in many ways. It increases the risk of heart and lung disease, cancers and other health issues. But, can it affect one’s fertility? Both men and women with a smoking habit are at an increased risk of infertility. Let’s throw some light on the effect of smoking on a man’s fertility:

In What Ways Smoking Affects the Fertility of a Man?

Studies have successfully explained how smoking is related to fertility and its impact on the quality of semen. Below given are the negative effects of smoking on sperm health:

  • Decreased sperm concentration or the number of sperms found in semen
  • Low motility of sperms or inability to swim properly to reach and fertilize the egg
  • Fewer healthy shaped sperms (with the proper proportion of head, body, and tail)
  • Increased DNA fragmentation or damaged DNA that can lead to complications in conceiving

Deterioration of sperm health is due to the toxins found in cigarettes such as cadmium and lead. Men with heavy exposure to such toxins due to smoking are also found to have some traces of the same in their semen. This leads to poor sperm health and it becomes difficult to impregnate their female partners.

Erectile dysfunction is another negative effect of male smoking. It has been seen in men who heavily smoke where unable to maintain an erection thus affecting their fertility.

Other Harmful Effects

  • Researchers have found that male smoking can significantly reduce the success of IVF-ICSI treatment
  • Negative impact on the egg health of female partners who get exposed to passive smoking
  • Altered DNA due to father’s smoking can cause birth defects in the born child

Now that you know smoking can be related to infertility, it’s time to kick the butt.