What is a Spermatocele?

What is a Spermatocele?

A Spermatocele or spermatic cyst is an abnormal and fluid-filled sac that develops in the epididymis. It is a benign cyst that contains a whitish and cloudy liquid with dead sperm. Spermatoceles are usually found on the top or behind the testicles. Mostly, spermtoceles are harmless and require no treatment. But if the cyst grows too large causing some discomfort, then it is better to get it checked by a doctor.

Symptoms of Spermatocele

If the size of the Spermatocele remains small and stable, then it usually shows no symptoms. But if the cyst starts to grow in size then one may experience:

Causes of Spermatocele

The exact cause of spermatocele is unknown. Experts believe it to be due to the blockage in some of the tubes present in the epididymis causing the sperm to pool in there.

Diagnosis of Spermatocele

Doctors may not be able to diagnose spermatocele through visual examination. He or she may use the following techniques:

  • Physical examination: Doctor may palpate the testicles in order to determine any masses or growth.
  • Transillumination: Doctor shines a light into the scrotum that shows the fluid-filled sacs.
  • Ultrasound: If transillumination does not work, then the doctor may recommend an ultrasound.

Treatment for Spermatocele

Treatments of Spermatocele include:

  • Medical therapy: This involves oral medicines that reduce the pain and swelling
  • Minimally invasive therapy: This involves two therapies: aspiration and sclerotherapy -which provide the intended result, however, are not usually recommended due to its adverse side-effects
  • Surgical therapy: This involves surgical removal of the cyst from the epididymis.