How Do Dietary Supplements and Vitamins Affect Sperm Quality?

How Do Dietary Supplements and Vitamins Affect Sperm Quality?

The quantity and quality of sperm being produced depend on a man’s DNA structure. The nutrients required to synthesise DNA are largely derived from a person’s diet. Thus, what a man eats and the nutrition he gets influences sperm production to a large extent. Micronutrients and dietary vitamins also help with DNA repair and transcription. Similarly, antioxidants help prevent oxidative damage that may cause the death of sperm.

Which Nutrients Affect Sperm Health?

The nutritional components of your diet affect sperm production is many ways. Some of the most important nutrients and vitamins that facilitate the development of sperm cells are:

B Group Vitamins

Vitamins from the B group such as cobalamin and niacin help with multiplication and repair of DNA. They also help maintain genetic integrity and prevent mutations. Also, these vitamins improve sperm quality by protecting sperm from oxidative damage.


Folate plays a very important role in the synthesis of DNA cells by regulating the functioning of methionine and cysteine. In addition, it has antioxidant properties that can help boost sperm health.


Zinc plays multiple roles in sperm production. Some of its most important functions are:

  • Regulating the amount of oxygen consumed by sperm
  • Maintaining stability in cell nuclei that contains DNA
  • Regulating the functioning of enzymes needed for stem cell division and replication
  • Protecting DNA from oxidative damage

Can Dietary Supplements Affect Sperm Quality?

Dietary supplements can improve sperm quality. Antioxidant supplements can help increase the concentration of sperm in semen and improve sperm motility. This may also be associated with better sperm morphology. Similarly, folate supplements are associated with improved sperm count and concentration in semen. This can also reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities that could cause conditions such as Down syndrome. Vitamin B12 supplements can help increase ejaculate volume and sperm count.