What are the Symptoms of Aspermia?

What are the Symptoms of Aspermia?

Aspermia is a condition in which men are not able to produce semen while ejaculating. It is not the same condition as azoospermia, which denotes the absence of sperm cells in the semen of men. Aspermia is widely linked to infertility in males Men suffering from this condition usually reach orgasm and even get the sensation of ejaculation. But there is no semen ejaculation from the body. The most common causes of aspermia are considered to be retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Symptoms of Aspermia

In comparison to the other disorders or conditions that cause male infertility, aspermia is a rare one. But the symptoms of this condition are quite apparent, which makes it easy to understand if a man is suffering from aspermia or not. Among the common symptoms of aspermia are the following:

  • There is a complete absence of semen at the time of ejaculation. This is also known as dry orgasm.
  • After the intercourse, when the man passes urine, hazy urine can be noticed. This happens as a result of semen leaking into the bladder. The possible reason for this is an obstruction in the ejaculatory ducts.
  • There is a sensation of pain in the pelvic area after the act of ejaculation.
  • Sometimes blood is seen in the urine or in semen (if it is present)
  • Since no semen is released inside the female body during intercourse, no fertilisation takes place. In other words, the man is not able to cause pregnancy and father a child.

The Next Step

Aspermia is a condition that can be treated with a proper diagnosis. Depending on the exact causes of the disorder, the course of medical action can be decided by an experienced medical practitioner.