Treatment of Klinefelter Syndrome

Treatment of Klinefelter Syndrome

There is nothing one can do to avoid this congenital condition. Also, there are no ways to correct the chromosomal error of each cell. But treating the effects and symptoms caused by Klinefelter syndrome is possible. Once parents recognize certain symptoms, it always best to get proper treatment as early as possible. Following are the Klinefelter Syndrome treatment:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The level of testosterone is found to be lower in men with Klinefelter’s. This can lead to various issues such as low facial and body hair, a smaller size of the penis, weaker body muscles and bones, smaller testicles, etc.

With testosterone replacement therapy, that is given from the onset of puberty, a lot of these symptoms can be controlled. It can help in increasing the penis size, bone density, muscular mass, facial and body hair, developing a deeper voice, etc. The testosterone replacement therapy will not increase the size of the testicles or treat infertility.

Fertility Treatment

Due poor or no sperm count, the majority of the men with Klinefelter syndrome are found to be infertile. Men with some sperms in their semen, the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be used to impregnate their partners.

Breast Tissue Removal

Men with this syndrome tend to have enlarged breast tissues. This can cause a lack of self-confidence and poor self-image. Plastic surgery can be done to remove the excess breast tissue. This can make the chest area look normal.

Educational Support

Children with Klinefelter’s face issues with learning and socializing. With proper support and guidance, the schools can help them overcome this issue easily. Teachers can provide extra assistance for such students and make them involved in group activities which can help them socialize with others.

Physical and Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps in treating the difficulties faced in talking and learning the language. Physical therapy helps in strengthening the body muscles.


Coping up with the symptoms of this condition can affect the mental health of a person badly. It can lead to mood swings, anxiety, and depressions. Proper psychological counseling can help them in overcoming these mental issues.