The Causes of Vaginismus

The Causes of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is of various types namely primary, secondary, global and situational, but the symptoms experienced by the patients are almost the same. Generally, a woman having vaginismus experiences vaginal spasms that make her incapable of handling penetration of any kind. The muscles around the vagina tighten too much, causing immense pain when an object tries to penetrate the vagina.

How Are Women Affected by Vaginismus?

Although the symptoms of various types of vaginismus may be similar, causes of primary and secondary vaginismus differ in a few aspects. Below are the common causes of vaginismus

Causes of Primary Vaginismus

  • Vulvar vestibulitis where no pain is felt until some kind of penetration is attempted
  • Infections of the urinary tract
  • Yeast infection in the vagina
  • Sexual assault or abuse
  • Witnessing physical or sexual abuse attempted on others
  • Troubled childhood, domestic violence, and unpleasant experiences in childhood that have a deep impact on the psyche
  • Fear of pain when thinking about sexual intercourse due to the popular misconception of painful vaginal penetration while having sex for the first time
  • Physical trauma (even if not related to genitals) and complaint of chronic pain
  • General stress and anxiety
  • Upbringing in a sex-negative environment that creates disgust towards the entire act of sex and intimacy
  • Religious faith promoting sexual inhibition and considering having sex a sin until one is married

Sometimes, primary vaginismus can be idiopathic meaning the actual reason behind the disorder is unknown.

Causes of secondary vaginismus

  • Fear of losing interest and control in sexual intercourse
  • Not trusting the partner enough to be physically intimate
  • Extreme consciousness about body image and physical appearance after a certain age
  • Misconceptions about sex and sexual standards due to indulgence in pornography or abstinence
  • Stressed about vagina not being wide or deep enough to support penetration during sexual intercourse
  • Undiscovered or denied sexuality

Primary vaginismus affects a woman early in her life and can remain for a long time, while secondary vaginismus occurs after a woman has experienced intercourse and/or childbirth.