Can Weight Gain Cause Infertility?

Can Weight Gain Cause Infertility?

When people find it difficult to conceive and seek medical advice, one of the first things doctors suggest is to lose some weight. Is it true that weight gain causes infertility? Infertility might be caused by many reasons and weight gain is one of the common signs of other underlying issues that might affect your fertility.

The happy news is that weight gain is one of those factors that cause infertility that you can control easily. Being your healthy weight will increase the chances of your pregnancy. Being underweight is also problematic as being overweight. You can determine your ideal body weight if you calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI.

What is BMI?

The BMI is determined by dividing your weight(in Kg) by your height ( meter 2). There are many BMI calculators available online which will tell you what your BMI is. They also suggest a range of ideal weight for men and women according to your height.

How Does Weight Gain Cause Infertility?

Weight Can Control the Amount of Estrogen Produced in Your Body

When you are overweight, the adipose tissues produce more estrogen that is more than necessary. The excessive estrogen might create problems with having regular ovulation.

Insulin Resistance

If you are overweight, it will increase your risk of insulin resistance, leading you to develop type 2 diabetes and also have harmful effects on your fertility.


Women with Polycystic ovarian syndrome are commonly overweight or obese. Obestity has a profound effect upon the expression of the syndrome. Obesity in women with PCOS reduces the likelihood of natural conception and also reduces the likelihood of conception following fertility treatment.

Pregnancy-related Complications

Being overweight also leads to pregnancy-related complications once you conceive. Women with a higher BMI often have guarded success rates with assisted reproductive techniques like IVF. Risk of miscarriages is also high in women with a higher BMI.

Even though weight gain causes infertility, small lifestyle changes like adopting a healthier diet, avoiding processed sugar and other unhealthy junk food options and engaging in a healthy exercise regimen will help you maintain your bodyweight and thereby increase your chances of fertility.