What are the Causes of Foamy Urine in Men?

What are the Causes of Foamy Urine in Men?

Your urine can say a lot about your health condition. Normally, urine appears as a clear stream of liquid ranging from pale yellow to dark amber in color. But sometimes it can appear as foamy. This foamy urine can be an indication of certain health issues.

Foamy Urine Causes

Check out what causes foamy urine in men.

  • The speed of the urine stream - One of the causes of foamy urine is the fast speed of urination. When a rapid stream of urine hits the toilet bowl, it can cause foamy bubbles to appear. This sort of foam clears up quickly and shouldn't be a cause of worry.
  • Dehydration - Among the foamy urine causes, dehydration is a common factor. When your body doesn't get enough water, your urine becomes concentrated. This concentrated urine can make foam appear when finally released from your body due to the spike in the protein levels.
  • Kidney problems - When your kidneys aren't in their best form and they can't function properly, the filtration abilities are impacted. As a result, some amount of protein may escape into your urine. This condition is known as proteinuria. A small amount of protein is normally present in everyone's urine. But an excess of protein in urine or proteinuria can cause the foam to appear when you pee.
  • Retrograde ejaculation - Retrograde ejaculation is a medical condition in which semen goes back into the bladder instead of passing out getting released from the penis. When a male suffers from this condition, it often becomes the cause of foam in urine.
  • UTI medication - There are certain medications that people take to get relief from pain caused by urinary tract infections (UTI). These medicines contain an active ingredient called phenazopyridine hydrochloride. This ingredient can cause the foaming of urine in some men.

If you notice that your urine is foamy in nature, it is advisable to get in touch with a doctor and determine the cause of the issue. It will enable you to get proper treatment for any underlying physical problem that is causing foamy urine.