What are the Symptoms of Male Infertility?

What are the Symptoms of Male Infertility?

Male infertility is equally common as female infertility. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of this problem can lead to serious future consequences such as lack of confidence or emotional and psychological disturbances due to the inability to father a child. Some of the common symptoms of male infertility are:

The "ejaculation disorder" is one of the most common symptoms of male infertility. Some men experience rare ejaculation or early ejaculation, while some others have a very low volume of semen during ejaculation. All of this come under ejaculation disorder. If the ejaculation is not in order, there is no orgasm achieved and thus hampering their sexual life.

Lack of Sexual Desire

Usually, men produce a greater amount of testosterone, a hormone responsible for their libido or sex drive. If due to some hormonal issues, there is a dip in the testosterone, then their sexual desire or drive decreases.

Very Small and Firm Testicles

This is the primary sign of infertility in men. If one's testicles are too tiny to produce the testosterone hormone, then their fertility gets affected badly. Usually, a man born with one or more additional X chromosome, also known as the Klinefelter's syndrome faces such issues. Such men have low facial hairs, thin bodies and excess fat around their chest area.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to maintain an erection during a sexual intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction. This is also a widely common symptom of infertility in men. It could be caused due to various neurological and psychological reasons.

Varicocele of the Testicles

When the veins of one's testicles swell and block the flow of sperm then a condition called varicocele occurs. Over 10-15% of men of reproductive age are affected by this problem. It is difficult to impregnate your partner with this condition. But the good news, with some minor surgery this problem can be corrected easily.

Pain or Swelling in the Testicles

A dull pain or swelling in your testicles is not normal and seeks immediate medical attention. There many reasons for this condition that includes testicular tension (twisted testicles), Epididy mitis (testicle infection), Hydrocele (building up of fluid around testicles) and hernia.

Kallman's Syndrome

A genetic disorder that is defined by the delay or absence of puberty. During fetal development, when the Gonadotropins-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons don't take a path from olfactory area to the hypothalamus, it leads to hypogonadism or malfunction of testicles.