What are the Symptoms of Testicular Cancer?

What are the Symptoms of Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the male sex organ - the testes. It is a common form of cancer found in young men and can be cured successfully if diagnosed at its early stage. However, symptoms of testicular cancer do not surface until a later stage and are usually found during a self-exam or a regular check-up.

Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

The symptoms of this type of cancer can be similar to those of many non-cancerous conditions such as inflammation. However, if any of the symptoms mentioned below are identified with, a routine exam is recommended.

Swelling or Lump in the Testicle

The first externally detectable symptom is the formation of a lump on one or both the testes. A swelling can be found on the affected testes and may cause pain in some rarer cases. Men affected by testicular cancer also may have an ache in the scrotum or lower belly and a sudden accumulation of fluid in the scrotum.

Breast Growth or Soreness

In some cases, testicular cancer can cause the breasts to enlarge and develop soreness. This happens due to the secretion of human chorionic gonadotropin by the cancerous germ cells.

Early Onset of Puberty

Testicular cancer can cause an early puberty in young boys due to the secretion of androgen. This is not detectable in adult males but in boys, symptoms of puberty such as deepening of the voice and growth of facial hair at an abnormal age can be a sign of this form of cancer.

Early detection is the key to curing testicular cancer and it is important to watch out for any symptoms that may develop. Testicular cancer can be externally undetectable in some cases, causing the spread of the cancer to other organs. Symptoms such as pain in the lower back (lymph nodes), shortness of breath (lungs), Belly pain (liver) and Headaches (brain) can indicate the spread of cancer to other organs.