Orchitis is a medical condition in which one or both testicles are swollen and inflamed. This usually happens due to an infection by a bacteria or a virus.

A man can suffer from orchitis due to the spread of bacteria through the bloodstream from other parts of the body. The condition can also be caused by epididymitis, an infection of the tube that acts as the carrier of semen from the testicles. This condition is called epididymo-orchitis.

Orchitis Signs and Symptom

There are several orchitis symptoms. In most cases, the signs and symptoms of this medical condition develop suddenly. Sudden pain in one or both the testicles that may spread to the groin is the main symptom of this condition. The common orchitis signs and symptoms include:

  • One or both the testicles appear swollen and tender, along with redness
  • Visible swelling of the inguinal lymph nodes in the groin
  • There appears to be a heavy feeling in the inflamed or swollen testicle
  • Painful ejaculation and presence of blood in ejaculatory output or semen, which is known as hematospermia
  • Painful urination and presence of blood in the urine, which is known as hematuria
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • High fever
  • Painful bowel movement
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Enlarged prostate

Symptoms of Epididymo-orchitis

In the case of epididymo-orchitis, the signs and symptoms are similar. The onset of symptoms may occur rapidly or the progress may be more gradual, marked by the following:

  • There may appear pain or swelling in a localized area of the testicle for one or more days
  • The infection increases to impact the whole testicle
  • There may be pain or a burning sensation before or after urination or even during penile discharge

Orchitis requires proper medical care. If you suspect that you are suffering from this condition, make sure to consult a doctor immediately.

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