What Causes Hypersermia in Men?

What Causes Hypersermia in Men?

What Causes Hypersermia in Men?

Hyperspermia is a condition in which the volume of semen is higher than normal. The normal volume of semen ranges between 2 to 6 ml. If the quantity of semen produced by a man goes beyond 6.3 ml, then he could be suffering from hyperspermia. This is not a life-threatening or fatal condition but men with hyperspermia may have infertility issues.

Causes of Hyperspermia Condition

Though the exact cause of hyperspermia is yet to be identified, there are certain factors that may cause this rare condition including:

Stamina boosting drugs: Sperm level goes up due to the usage of sexual performance boosting drugs and objects which leads to hyperspermia.

The gap between sexual intercourse: One of the other hyperspermia causes is the increased interval between sexual activities that lead to accumulation of sperms.

Certain medications: Side effects of medicines used for certain other treatments and surgeries can cause hyperspermia.

Prostate infection: Experts believe that an infection in the prostate can sometimes induce this rare condition in men.

Fiber and protein rich diet: Consumption of food with high fiber and protein can increase the sperm production in men which leads to a high volume of semen at ejaculation.

Use of steroids: Use of steroids can also cause hyperspermia.