What is Hypospermia and its Symptoms?

What is Hypospermia and its Symptoms?

Hypospermia is a male condition where individuals consistently produce an abnormally low volume of semen when ejaculating. The World Health Organization recognizes the condition of Hypospermia when less than 1.5 ml of semen is produced during a single ejaculation. This condition is related to many diseases and trauma that cause infertility in men. Let us dwell more on the symptoms and causes of hypospermia.

Symptoms of Hypospermia

In an ejaculation, the average amount of semen expelled ranges between 1.5 ml and 6 ml. Ejaculate is made up of different types of fluids, including seminal fluid which contains the sperm. Minimal ejaculation is the major symptom of hypospermia. Along with this physical experience, hypospermia can also be associated with decreased sexual gratification upon ejaculation.

Causes of Hypospermia

Hypospermia can be a result of various other conditions or abnormalities. Trauma associated with exercise or surgery is associated with causing complications in the male reproductive system. Lifestyle habits and congenital defects too are factors. Here are the main causes of hypospermia.

Impact and Treatment of Hypospermia

With the release mechanism of sperm affected, hypospermia is a leading cause for male infertility. Apart from this, hypospermia can have a negative effect on a person's mental well-being as lowered sexual gratification can lead to loss of confidence.

Depending on the cause, treatment of hypospermia is possible. It can involve a surgical procedure, medication, or changes in lifestyle habits. Reaching out to a specialist is always recommended for those who have the symptoms of hypospermia.