What percentage of infertility is unexplained?

What percentage of infertility is unexplained?

Not figuring out the reasons for your infertility even after going through detailed diagnostic procedures, may make you feel out of place. However, research suggests that unexplained infertility is more common than you think. The percentage of unexplained infertility is approximately around 20-30% among infertile patients.

Why Does Unexplained Infertility Exist?

The tests that are done in order to diagnose your infertility are only for the major reasons for infertility. It might however not consider minor reasons which might lead to fertility. These might be small factors like poor egg quality or so. This should only mean that you must try to make the necessary lifestyle changes and start off with minimal intervention treatments.
You will never know what will work wonders unless you start somewhere and try. Include more healthy options in your diet like organic produce and fertile food. Even if you do not really know the reasons for your infertility, it can never harm to make some healthy lifestyle changes.

When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

If a couple (where the woman is under 35 years age) has been actively trying to get pregnant without success for over one year, it is perhaps time to seek some expert help. If the woman is over 35, you must consult a fertility specialist after trying for six months.