What is a Specialized Sperm Function Test?

What is a Specialized Sperm Function Test?

A specialized sperm functioning test is a procedure used to discover or determine if the quality of a sperm sample is good enough to fertilize an egg. This test is also used to detect abnormalities in sperm which inherently cause infertility.

Why should one undergo Specialized Sperm Functioning Test?

While attempting to have a child it is essential for the male partner to undergo such assessment even if the female partner is detected with a cause of infertility, as the combined factor for infertility is found to be 40%.

A specialized sperm functioning test includes a semen analysis where the patient’s sperm count, quality and movement are analyzed. This analysis is independent of other risk factors or causes that may add to infertility issues. An entire sperm functional assessment includes a series of tests which then help in formulating effective treatment for the patient.

Types of Specialized Sperm Function Tests

The various types of Specialized Sperm Function Tests include:

  • Vitality tests
  • Sperm-mucus Interaction Tests
  • Capacitation
  • Acrosome Reaction
  • Zona Binding assays
  • Hamster Ovum Penetration test

A Specialized Sperm Functioning Test – What It Entails

A comprehensive sample analysis:

Such an analysis is in-depth and includes detecting the pH and volume of sperm, sperm count, movement and quality. It also examines the shape of sperm, amount of dead cells, the presence of bacteria and clumping of sperm.

Screening for possible infection:

The infection testing includes checking for the presence of white blood cells (leucocytes) as well as the concentration of such cells in the sample of the patient.

Screening for anti-sperm antibodies:

Identifying anti-sperm antibodies is essential as such antibodies interfere with the proper movement of sperm, thus, interfering with fertilization. The formation of such anti-sperm antibodies cannot be prevented but with the help of the results achieved by the test, the doctor can provide information and effective treatment.

A trial wash of the semen sample:

This step is essential as it is integral to treat infertility. The sperm from the semen must be washed in order to find the best quality sperm and separate it from the rest. The trial washes vary depending on their sperm quality and quantity.

Assessment of sperm for IUI, IVF or ICSI:

The laboratory will also indicate whether or not the sample quality meets the minimum established requirements for use infertility treatments of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-vitro-Fertilization (IVF) and Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).