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Infertility Assessment

Infertility Assessment -Male

Contrary to many myths, infertility is not restricted to women. Issues with sperm quality and sperm production are a rising cause of infertility amongst couples. It is also likely that there is more than one cause of infertility. Thus, when a couple finds it difficult to conceive, both partners are advised to undergo fertility testing.

Semen Analysis

Both the quantity and quality of sperm in semen play an important role in determining fertility. A semen analysis can indicate the concentration of sperm in the semen, the shape of sperm, average sperm motility and signs of infections if any. In most cases, more than one semen analysis may be needed to get an accurate picture of sperm health.

Infertility Assessment -Female

When you see us for the first time, you will be registered with Nova IVF Fertility. We will note your history in detail including menstrual history, coital history, medical & surgical history. We will review your previous reports and past treatments and therefore recommend that you carry your previous treatment details with you when you visit us. We will then do a basic evaluation to mainly check for 3 parameters:


This is done via transvaginal sonography, generally starting from day 11 of the menstrual cycle. This checks for growth and rupture of the follicle (egg). The patient will be advised timed intercourse depending on the day of her ovulation. If required, medication will be advised to induce ovulation.

Tubal status:

This is done either via HSG (hysterosalpingography) or laparoscopy + hysteroscopy or sonosalpingography.

Uterine cavity:

The uterus is evaluated via transvaginal ultrasound to check the growth of the endometrial lining and to rule out abnormalities like fibroids or polyps. If required a hysteroscopy can be done to further examine and rectify a problem.