Dr. Sumeet Kaur Mehta

Dr. Sumeet Kaur Mehta

Infertility Specialist in Nashik

MBBS, DNB, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery

Dr. Sumeet Kaur Mehta has 11+ years of experience as an OBG specialist with fellowship in minimal invasive surgery and fellowship in reproductive medicine from Kerala. She has been trained in various fertility procedures including fertility enhancing surgeries and performs in minimally invasive. Dr. Sumeet has been active in research and has presented various papers and attended various workshops. She also publishes research papers in fertility journals.

  • MBBS from NDMVPS Medical College, Nashik

  • DNB (OBS & Gynae) from Mumbai

  • Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Kerala

  • Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery, Kerala

  • A 5mm Trocar site small bowel herniation after laparoscopic Myemectomy : Paul PG, Sumeetkaur Mehta , et al J Minim Invasive Gynaecol 2018

  • Book chapter – Hysteroscopy instruments in keynotes in hysteroscopy by Sushama Deshmukh

  • Role of endoscopy in infertility by Nova IVF Fertility

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