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Man speaking to doctor regarding sperm freezing Man speaking to doctor regarding sperm freezing

Freezing of gametes or embryos helps you start a family in the future. 

All might not be ready to have a baby soon but would want to have one in the future. This might be due to medical reasons, career growth, financial status or have not found the right partner yet.  Our fertility specialists work closely with you during the process. 

Egg freezing is one of the best ways to preserve fertility for women. This gives them independence to choose when to conceive while they freeze their eggs when they are young. You can still freeze and conceive naturally too.

Fertility score in women decreases with increasing age which implies that the chance of conceiving naturally reduces with increasing age. Every woman is born with a fixed number of eggs and the number decreases with advancing age. With this advancement in science it gives a good chance to conceive a child.

The process is similar to an IVF process. It’s a 3-step process which includes

  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Egg Collection
  • Egg Freezing

The egg freezing is a completely safe procedure, and the cost of freezing is based on the number of eggs are frozen. It varies from individual to individual. 

Freezing is suggested for men who have low sperm count or is about to undergo surgery of the reproductive organ. If the couple is undergoing an IUI or IVF cycle and will be unable to provide fresh samples of sperms to the lab as he might be travelling, freezing is an option.

Freezing the sperms is a boon for men who have medical issues such as cancer. Cancer treatment affects the reproductive organ and can affect fertility. Hence, it’s ideal to take a decision on freezing and talk to your treating oncologist and fertility specialist who will advise the course of action. 

The process of sperm freezing is a simple process unlike females. The man has to abstain from having an intercourse or have an ejaculate for atleast 2 days and not more than 7 days before the day of sample collection. 

Since the sample has to handed over to the andrologist within an hour of collection its suggested that they fix an appointment with the center so that sample collection room is blocked. The lab will provide a container which is labelled so that they can be processed to freeze the same.

You can discuss the cost of freezing with the financial counsellor in the center.

To fix an appointment for freezing your gametes

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

IVF was originally developed for women with blocked tubes or missing fallopian tubes and it is still the procedure of choice for these situations. It is also used when other conditions are present, including endometriosis, male factor infertility and unexplained infertility in which no medical cause for infertility can be found. Our experts will review your history and help to guide you to the treatment and diagnostic procedures that are most appropriate for you.

1/3rd of the infertility issues are contributed by the male partner. Male factors also influence increased rate of miscarriages. Most common causes of male infertility are as follows.

  • Abnormal sperm count or low sperm motility
  • Chronic ailments such as cancer
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to radioactive chemicals
  • Lifestyle factors: Being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol
  • Age

Infertility is gender neutral. It affects the male and the female population. 1/3rd of the infertility issues are contributed by the female partner. In the world 50-80 million suffer from infertility. Most common causes of female infertility are as follows.

  • Age
  • Endometriosis
  • Hormonal issues leading to ovulation problems
  • Tubal blockage
  • Fibroids
  • Lifestyle factors: Being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet
  • Unexplained infertility

Women are born with approximately 2 million eggs in their ovaries. Before a girl reaches puberty, about 11,000 eggs die every month. Thus, in her teenage years, a woman has only about 300,000 to 400,000 eggs available. From this point onwards, about 1000 eggs are utilised every month. This has nothing to do with any form of birth control, pregnancy, hormone production, health, lifestyle or nutritional supplements. Eventually, a woman reaches menopause when she has no viable eggs left.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) refers to a condition caused by hormonal imbalances. Women suffering from PCOS produce higher than normal amounts of male hormones. This affects ovulation and can result in irregular periods. In some cases, women suffering from PCOS may have irregular periods. This, in turn, can make it harder for these women to conceive. In fact, PCOS is one of the most common causes of female infertility.


Congratulations on taking the 1st step in your fertility journey. We assure you that we would assist you in each and every step of your treatment here with us.


Congratulations on taking the 1st step in your fertility journey. We assure you that we would assist you in each and every step of your treatment here with us.