How Does Exercise Affect Fertility in Men?

How Does Exercise Affect Fertility in Men?

Can exercise impact male fertility? Well, certain exercises can boost sperm quality and fertility while certain other exercises can lead to alterations in sperm quantity and cause infertility among men. Thus, it is integral for men to strike the right balance while working out and be extra careful when attempting to have a child.

For men who suffer from infertility, strenuous exercises or usage of steroids may be one cause but not the only cause of infertility. Thus, in order to tackle a condition of infertility, a man must address other factors along with exercise such as alcohol consumption, smoking ,drug addiction, eating patterns and sleep cycle.

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is essential for men not only for the longevity of life but also to remain fertile. Research shows that men who are obese have lower fertility than men whose weight is in the normal range and similarly men who are underweight also suffer from infertility. Exercising boosts not only the sperm quality but also quantity.

Exercises that Have a Positive Impact on Male Fertility

In order to use the means of exercise to increase sperm quality or aid fertility, a man should undertake moderate excersises.

Exercises that Have a Negative Impact on Male Fertility

Exercises which produce excessive heat to the male body and especially the testicles of a man can hamper fertility in men by reducing the availability of the total free testosterone and altering the release of the luteinising hormone and can lower the in sperm production . Given below are a few exercises which may have a negative impact on male infertility:

  • Hot Yoga
  • Highly stressful competitive exercises/sports
  • Heavy weightlifting accompanied by the use of steroids as they can cause testicular shrinkage
  • Intensive exercising