The fluid-filled sac or mass that develops near the testicles are called a spermatic cyst or spermatocele. This abnormal cyst is noncancerous and contains milky or clear fluid that may contain sperm. The exact cause of this medical condition is still unknown. Yet, it is believed to be caused by the pooling up of sperms due to some obstruction in the tubes that carry sperm.

Spermatocele Symptoms

Spermatoceles usually shows no symptoms. They are harmless and asymptomatic and mostly remain stable in their size. In some cases, they grow large in size causing discomfort. Spermatocele symptoms include:

If one experiences spermatocele pain symptoms, then it is always recommended to get it checked by a doctor who can rule out any other serious issues.

Initially, one may notice enlargement of the scrotum. The lump or mass inside the scrotum can be smooth and of the size of a pea. They are usually found near the top or bottom of the testicles and feels like a separate mass or lump from the testicles.

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