What is the recovery time for laparoscopic surgery?

What is the recovery time for laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure undertaken to diagnose the organs inside the abdomen. A small instrument called a laparoscope, which is a long, thin tube with a high intensity light and a high-resolution camera is inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall. The camera sends images of the whole area of the abdomen on the video monitor outside.

It is a simpler way for a doctor to have a look inside the patient's body in real time, without an open surgery. A general anaesthesia is given in order to soothe the patient, there is no pain felt during the surgery.

The recovery time after Laparoscopy surgery varies for different people depending on a number of factors like the extent of the surgery, length of the surgery, the facilities, one's response to the pain etc.

Length of the Stay

Laparoscopy is usually done on an outpatient basis, which means that the patient can return home the same day. If the surgery is too complex, an overnight stay at the hospital may be suggested. The patient is first kept under observation for several hours to monitor his/her vital signs such as breathing and heart rate.
The timing of the discharge varies, depending on:

  • Overall physical condition
  • Body's reaction to the surgery
  • Type of anaesthesia used


One can experience moderate pain in the areas where incisions were made, which can continue for a few days. Proper medication is given by doctors to help release the pain.

Shoulder pain is also very common post laparoscopy, which is a result of the carbon dioxide gas used to inflate patient's abdomen. It should go in a couple of days.


Most patients experience Nausea. It is best to consult with one's doctor and have the prescribed medications to alleviate the same.

Length of Recovery

The recovery time for Laparoscopy surgery is usually one to two weeks. Follow-up with an appointment with the doctor to ensure everything's under control.