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Services offered at Nova IVF Hospital in Lucknow

Nova IVF stands out as one of the top IVF hospitals in Lucknow, offering fertility treatments with the goal of introducing advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) in line with global standards.

Here are some key services provided by Nova IVF hospital in Lucknow:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • In-vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • IVF - Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Infertility assessments for both males and females
  • Counseling for infertility treatments
  • Reproductive genetics testing (e.g., PGT-A, PGT-M)
  • Utilization of Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) in cases of multiple IVF failures.
  • Implementation of Cryopreservation (freezing) technology to preserve eggs, sperm, and embryos.
  • Embryo or egg donation
  • Diagnostic Endoscopy procedures
  • Fertility surgeries for women and men

Why choose Nova IVF center in Lucknow?

Here are some reasons to choose Nova IVF Center in Lucknow for your fertility treatment:

Diverse Service Offerings: We provide a comprehensive array of fertility services, all conveniently available at a single location to address the specific needs of our patients.

Cutting-edge Technology and Facilities: Our centers are outfitted with the most advanced technology and facilities, featuring state-of-the-art laboratories. This ensures optimal outcomes for patients seeking our services.

Skilled Medical Team: Our team comprises seasoned fertility specialists, embryologists, and nursing staff. They are dedicated to delivering top-notch care and support with a patient-centric approach.

About Nova IVF Fertility Lucknow

In Lucknow, each Nova IVF center is equipped with advanced technology and staffed by experienced professionals committed to helping patients achieve their goals. Nova IVF Centre has been a reliable choice for prospective parents in India for many years, boasting a high success rate and a prominent position among the country's fertility centers.

Our commitment is to provide the utmost quality of care and services, guiding you towards a successful pregnancy. Our team of fertility experts is devoted to offering thorough counseling, evaluations, and a world-class treatment program tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it advisable to visit the Nova IVF Fertility Lucknow Centre?

If you or your partner are experiencing symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic pain, or difficulty conceiving, it is recommended to consult a reproductive specialist for a thorough assessment.

How many Nova IVF Fertility centers are in Lucknow?

Nova IVF Fertility operates two centers in Lucknow, one in Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, and the second in Gomti Nagar.

What are the clinic hours for Nova IVF Fertility Lucknow centres?

The center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and closed on Sundays and public holidays. For appointments or OPD visits, please call 0804988781 during working hours.

What is the cost of IUI at NIF Lucknow?

The cost of an intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle can start from Rs. 9,000, with the final estimate varying based on individual conditions and recommended treatments.

What is the cost of IVF treatment at Nova IVF Fertility Lucknow centres?

The IVF treatment cost at the Lucknow center starts from Rs. 99,000 onwards, with variations based on specific services and additional tests.

What is the cost of ICSI at Nova IVF Fertility centres in Lucknow?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles can start at Rs. 1,20,000 onwards, with potential additional expenses based on the recommended treatment.

What is the cost of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) at Nova IVF Fertility Lucknow centres?

The cost for preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) per embryo starts at Rs. 18,700, with potential additional costs for examining extra embryos.

What are the Advantages of Nova IVF Fertility centres in Lucknow?

Nova IVF Fertility has garnered accolades for delivering high-quality clinical care. The benefits include improved accuracy with advanced equipment, identification of the root cause of fertility issues, and adherence to the highest standards of fertility care.

How can I contact Nova IVF Fertility centres in Lucknow?

To schedule an appointment at the Lucknow center or any other location, contact the Nova customer care team at 0804988781. Alternatively, appointments can be scheduled through the website at