Can Being Overweight Cause Infertility in Men?

Can Being Overweight Cause Infertility in Men?

It is probably a lesser known fact that being overweight is related to infertility in men. Doctors often ask the couples trying to resolve their infertility to lose weight. This is because being overweight can reduce the quality and motility of the sperm and can cause erection problems, thereby affecting your fertility. Being overweight can also affect the sex drive or libido in both men and women. The point is to not stress over a perfect body but to aim for a healthy body. It can also impair offspring metabolic and reproductive health suggesting that paternal health cues are transmitted to the next generation with the mediator most likely occurring via the sperm

How Can You Know If You are of Healthy Weight?

  • Healthy - between 18.5 and 24.9
  • Underweight – below 18.5
  • Overweight- between 25 and 29.9
  • Obese – over 30

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The good news is that making a few healthy changes can immediately show a difference in your weight. Even a minor amount of weight loss can have such positive effects on your fertility. Start by:

  • Eating healthy homemade food
  • Avoiding junk food and other forms of processed sugar
  • Engaging in some form of regular exercise

Losing weight is not easy, however, it is not impossible. It requires commitment and patience. One good way of losing weight and staying motivated is for couples to enter the weight loss journey together. Losing even a few kilos will increase your chances of having a healthy baby. The best way to tackle overweight related infertility in men is to start putting one healthy step after another and moving towards a healthier, happier future for you and your family.